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When it comes to a remortgage we love to help local people. It’s a brilliant feeling knowing you’ve saved people money on their mortgage. So, if you’re mortgage deal is about to come to the end of a fixed term, or perhaps you think you’re just paying too much for your mortgage, then why not check if we can save you money?

There’s no cost to check if we can save you money on your mortgage and if we can there’s no obligation to proceed with our advice. If you do decide you would like us to help you with your remortgage then we won’t charge you any fees.

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Why It’s Important To Remortgage

When you agreed to your last mortgage your circumstances were different. It’s likely now, after paying your mortgage for a period of time, that your mortgage has decreased and we could help you obtain a better mortgage deal.

Our mortgage advisers have access to thousands of mortgages in Northern Ireland and can tell you exactly what mortgage will best suit your needs. When you enquire we look at your current deal as well as the thousands available to you.

Fees? No Thank You

We don’t charge our clients a fee for arranging their remortgage. This immediately saves our clients between £300 – £600, because we don’t charge for our service. If you live in Northern Ireland and would like to find out what the cheapest mortgage deal is, then contact us today. We can arrange to give you a fast decision in principle in less than 24 hours. This means we can have a list of mortgage lenders that will approve your mortgage in less than a day.

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Getting The Right Remortgage in Northern Ireland

You could speak to your current lender to ask to be moved onto a better deal, but then you’re limiting yourself to the mortgages they offer. With thousands of mortgages available, we can source a mortgage that’s right for you. We’ll also complete all the paperwork and liaise with between you and the lender so it’s as hassle-free as possible.

If your adviser suggests you’re on the best mortgage deal, then he’ll encourage you to stay where you are but may be able to suggest savings you could make along the way.

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Crunch The Numbers…

Do you have a mortgage or property in mind? Check if you could be accepted for a mortgage. Try our free calculators to find out how much you can borrow and the estimated monthly repayment.

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