About NI Mortgage Advice

At NI mortgage advice we care about ensuring that all of our clients are supported with their mortgage needs whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re investing in buy-to-let properties. 

You can give us a call to discuss your mortgage query on x x x x x x x and we will be delighted to explain exactly how our support and service works and how you can benefit by choosing NI mortgage advice as your mortgage broker. 


Our Values

We set our values to demonstrate the level of support and service you can expect from NI Mortgage Advice.

Transparent Advice

Honesty Support

We provide honest & transparent mortgage advice.

No Cost

High Quality

Experienced and regulated advisers will help arrange your mortgage.


You Can Rely On Us

We're here to make the mortgage process easier for you.

Responsive Service

Customer Care Matters

Our customer care team will always be here to help when you need us.

Free Mortgage Advice

At NI mortgage advice we provide free mortgage advice – that means we don’t charge you to have a conversation, there are no fees to discuss what options you have and if you decide that you wish for us to arrange your mortgage, then there are no fees to pay to us.

From an initial conversation through to supporting you with all the necessary paperwork, sourcing your mortgage deal and completing the application, we’re in your corner.

So how do we earn money to enable us to continue to offer our service? Most mortgage brokers receive a fee from the client and also from the mortgage lender for arranging the mortgage. Instead we have decided to cut that fee in half and not charge our clients a penny. We believe that the money available from the lender is sufficient enough to enable us to continue to provide our support and help as many people as we can with their mortgage needs.

We HATE Fees – So We Just Don’t Charge Them

We’re on your side when it comes to arranging the best mortgage deal possible. That means we’ll find the best deals, explain your options and work with you to get everything in place.

And… there won’t be any surprise bills at the end.

Our Mortgage Advice Team

We have an extensive team here to support you at NI mortgage advice. We’ve got qualified and regulated mortgage advisers ready to assist you with everything from a mortgage query through to a mortgage application.

When you first get in contact you will speak to our customer care team and they take some basic information about yourself and your personal and financial situation.

Next you’ll speak to a mortgage adviser who will be able to talk through your query, offer insightful advice and then, if you wish, help you apply to obtain your mortgage.

Pat, one of our mortgage advisers, has been working in Northern Ireland arranging an extensive range of mortgages since 1996. Our advisors are based in Derry and the north of Northern Ireland, so we can offer local face-to-face visits or provide telephone and internet-based support throughout Northern Ireland.

Throughout the process you will have constant contact with our customer care team so even if your mortgage adviser is in an appointment, you will always have access to speak to someone at NI Mortgage Advice.

Try Our Mortgage Calculators

Give our mortgage calculators a whirl… they can help you understand just how much your mortgage will cost you each month and how much money you can borrow based on your income.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

How Much Can I Borrow Calculator