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When you’re arranging a mortgage there’s a lot to consider, such as what’s the best rate I can achieve? Which lender is right for me? Will the paperwork be complicated? What’s a decision in principle and why is it important I get one? Even if you’ve arranged mortgages in the past, it can often be a headache to manage. With our experienced mortgage advice team, we aim to help you arrange your mortgage hassle-free.

If we can help you with your mortgage requirements, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your current deal may be coming to an end, or you could be applying for your first mortgage. Whatever your situation, trust NI Mortgage Advice to source you the best deal and help ensure your application is completed stress-free. We search thousands of mortgages and source the whole of the market to find you a mortgage that’s perfect for you.

Mortgage Advice Across Northern Ireland

Receiving mortgage advice can help you save time and money. We’ll search for the best mortgage, at the lowest price so you have all the information to make an informed decision. What’s better is we won’t charge you a fee – our advice is free. We search the whole of the market for the best deals available and present them to you. We help everyone from first time buyers, through to people who need a mortgage for a buy to let property. If you’re self employed and aren’t sure how your mortgage application will be considered, then speak to a qualified mortgage adviser at NI Mortgage Advice.

Our professional help is 100% free and we don’t charge fees. We receive a payment from the mortgage lender you choose for arranging the mortgage, but this doesn’t inflate the cost to you.

Free Mortgage Advice Across Northern Ireland

We provide free, qualified mortgage advice across Northern Ireland, searching the whole of the market in the process. This helps guarantee we’re finding you the cheapest mortgage deal. Because we don’t charge a fee you could save money instantly.

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I was recommended to speak to another mortgage advice company that wanted me to pay £350. NI Mortgage Advice was free and everything was done for me, perfectly.

~ Simon Patterson.

I thought after the advice I would need to pay – that there would be a catch somewhere. There wasn’t and it’s great.

~ Mrs Fellows.

100% recommend NI Mortgages service from start to finish.

~ Liz Bain.

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