Protection / Insurance Services

At NI Mortgage Advice we take financial matters seriously, not just for your mortgage, but also your protection needs. Protection can involve everything from life insurance through to insuring your property. We aim to get you the right level of cover for the lowest cost, whilst ensuring the cover won’t give you any nasty surprises if you ever need to rely on it.

The reason that we look at your protection is to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover, should the worst happen. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we have advised and explained all of your necessary options, so that you are empowered to make an informed decision. 

Your Insurance Policies

If you don’t have policies in place, such as life insurance, home insurance or other insurances that you may require, then we will explain what these policies can offer you and provide a quotation for you to consider.

If you already have policies in place for your protection then why not ask for a free review? We assess your policies and protection for free and this is to give you peace of mind in the event that you have to rely on your protection. Not all insurance policies are the same – we use a variety of different techniques to ensure that you and your family will be well protected and whilst one insurance policy may say it will accurately support you should the time come it may have clauses or loopholes, which we can help you identify.

Your Local Mortgage Advice Service

We search the whole of the market to find you a mortgage which is perfect for your personal and financial circumstances. Your mortgage adviser will source the best deal, and better yet, you won’t pay us a penny!

First Time Buyer Mortgage Deals

We will review your existing protection policies and explain what benefits you receive from having them, ensuring that your cover is sufficient. Our protection policy review is 100% free and even if we do recommend a different policy you do not have to change it’s 100% your choice.

At NI Mortgage Advice we care about your financial future, so everybody that gets in touch can receive a free protection review as part of the process. You’re under no obligation to proceed with our protection recommendation, however it will outline areas for consideration that could benefit you. Our objective is always to get you the lowest cost premium for the best policy possible.

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