Mortgage Advice Derry

Mortgage Advice Derry

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At NI Mortgage Advice we provide mortgage advice across the whole of Northern Ireland, however we have one adviser solely focussed on Derry and the surrounding area. So, if you live in or around Derry our free mortgage advice service could be perfect for you.

You can meet our qualified and experienced mortgage adviser face to face or speak to him over the phone. Start by calling our customer care team on 0800 193 4874 or why not take a look at our mortgage calculators?

Fee-Free Mortgage Advice in Derry

Most mortgage advisers charge a fee for their support. They also receive a commission from the mortgage lender too. The commission received doesn’t make your mortgage any more expensive, but the lender pays this as the mortgage adviser is completing the application, saving them time. At NI Mortgage Advice, we don’t believe fees are necessary so we don’t charge them. This means that instantly we’re saving you time and hassle having to apply for a mortgage on your own, furthermore we’re not charging you a fee so you’re not out of pocket. We receive a commission from the mortgage lender and we believe this is sufficient to enable us to cover our overhead costs. We find our clients feel our transparent approach and no-fee service means they’re able to trust us and rely on our advice without the fear that costs will escalate.

If you’re interested in Derry mortgage advice or would like to discuss your mortgage goals, then why not get in touch today and we’ll be delighted to help?

Londonderry Mortgage Support

Whether you’re a first time buyer, investor looking to expand your portfolio or your fixed rate mortgage has come to an end and you would like another deal to save you money, we can help. We start by understanding your personal and financial requirements and match mortgages to your circumstances. We then present our findings to you. If you wish to proceed we can help with the application process and securing the mortgage. This process doesn’t cost you a penny.

Based in Northern Ireland all of our advisers focus on finding you the best deal for your mortgage, however you’re under no obligation to proceed with our advice. Typically we can get you a decision in principle within 24 hours if we have the necessary documentation and information. The decision in principle means that based on the information we submit a mortgage lender (or multiple lenders) would be happy to give you a mortgage. We can also tell you how much money you would be able to borrow.

To get started, send a message and we’ll call you back or you can call our customer care team between 8am – 7pm on 0800 193 4874.

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