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It’s an exciting time – you’re about to take the first steps onto the property ladder and need a first time buyer mortgage. Our Northern Ireland mortgage team are here to help and would be delighted to be part of the momentous milestone in your life.

We also help people who want to be a first time buyer but are worried about a number of tricky and unknown elements. For instance, what deposit, if any, do I need? What will my mortgage payments each month be? How complicated is the paperwork? What’s the process after I’m accepted for a mortgage?

There are lots of confusing questions and even if you’re just thinking about becoming a homeowner, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask us questions – it’s what we’re here for.

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Deals

There are a variety of deals available for first time buyers and there’s likely to be one just right for you. Your experienced mortgage adviser is based in Northern Ireland and knows the mortgage market having spent over a decade arranging mortgages for local people.

When you get in touch we’ll start by getting to know you. Our customer care team are very friendly and supportive. Once we know how we can help our Northern Ireland mortgage advice team will find you the perfect mortgage and take you through what’s needed to apply and receive a decision in principle, before finally applying, if you wish.

Mortgage Support In Your Area

With thousands of mortgages to choose from, how much money can we save you on your mortgage? All advice is free and you’ll never be asked to pay for our support.

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Help Arranging A Mortgage in Northern Ireland

There’s no reason to arrange a mortgage on your own. We don’t charge fees for our service so you won’t pay us a penny. Instead you’ll get an experienced mortgage adviser who will be happy to explain all your options, help you select the right mortgage, complete the paperwork and liaise with the necessary people on your behalf.

Throughout the whole process we keep you informed of our progress and tell you what’s happening.

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Tools To Help With Your Mortgage

Our mortgage calculators help you understand what you can afford to pay towards your mortgage each month and how much you can borrow. As we always say, getting you the house is the first step, but our objective is to ensure you can keep your property, even if the worst happens.

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The First Time Buyer Experience…

I first contacted you almost 2 years ago just for advice on what I would need to save to buy a house. Now i’m a homeowner!

~ Anna.

From the customer care team to Pat, my mortgage adviser, you’re all brilliant.

~ Mr McCallum.

As a first time buyer I didn’t know where to start or what to do – I needed someone to help me understand what the best mortgage was and how to apply.

~ Derek Hamilton.

Questions? We Have The Answers

Whether you have one question or a hundred, we’ll answer them all.