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Please enter your details below for a free mortgage rate check. We will contact you to discuss your mortgage and aim to find you a better deal. After the free review we’ll explain the deals we’ve found, including the monthly costs and what would happen if you wished to switch.

The free mortgage rate check comes with no-obligation, so you can decide you don’t wish to proceed, even if we find you a cheaper deal.

Your free mortgage review 

We will assess your current mortgage rate, the term that is left and your personal and financial goals. We’ll aim to find a rate cheaper than your current deal or we may be able to try and reduce the term of your mortgage, so that your mortgage is repaid quicker than anticipated.

Our offer of a free review is open to anybody living within Northern Ireland. 

What do we need 

Initially we start with a very informal conversation. We get to know more about your personal and financial goals and then ask about your current mortgage deal. You may have been thinking about transferring your mortgage for some time or you could just be interested in finding out if your deal is the best. If we do recommend that you switch to a different mortgage then we’ll explain anything that is necessary such as penalties, fees or charges, however we would not recommend a transfer or change of mortgage unless it was in your best interests. 

For some people they may find that they’ve been on the same rate of interest, unnecessarily, for some time and that we may be able to either save money or reduce the term of the mortgage. No matter the outcome of the review, we won’t charge you a fee for a free mortgage review. If you decide that you wish for us to conduct a mortgage review you’re under no obligation to proceed with our advice and may decide that you wish to remain as you are.